Our Markets

PAR & EMC supply OEM’s and repairers of equipment in a wide range of industries. Our main market sectors are as follows:

Power Generation
Traditional & Renewable

P.A.R.’s products pay a key role throughout the power generation network.

From gas and steam turbine generators in power stations to green technology such wind turbines, the power grid is reliant upon efficient delivery of electricity. P.A.R. products are supplied throughout the power network, ensuring the lights stay on and your kettle boils.

Standby power generation is also key factor in both industrial and leisure markets. Gensets are often operated outside in demanding conditions for hours on end. As a longstanding supplier to alternator manufacturers, P.A.R. have the expertise and products to ensure continuous and efficient operation of standby power generators.

Pwer Generation
Pwer Generation

Industrial Electric Motors

Electric motors are found everywhere. Key to our everyday lives, motors keep production facilities running, drive white goods and power tools and keep water moving.

P.A.R.’s original customers were repairers and rewinders of electric motors, so our history and product range is strongly connected to the service and production of electric motors. From winding wires, insulation products, connection and termination products, temperature sensing and monitoring to paints and coatings, P.A.R. stock everything required to produce or rewind an electric motor.

Through our partnership with Megger Baker Instruments, we also have the the most advanced equipment available for the static and dynamic testing of all types of electric motors.

Automotive Industry & EV Power Trains

With the advent of fully electric and hybrid vehicles, electric motor technology is being pushed to the limit to find the lightest, most compact designs whilst providing the necessary power outputs. Not only is this transitioning into mass transit, but also specialist sectors such a motor racing.

Sitting alongside our insulation systems for industrial electric motors, P.A.R. have products tailored for the rigorous demands of electric mobility and their associated power trains and battery systems.

Higher temperature resistance, higher voltage and higher thermal conductivity solutions drive our product innovations to the next level of material performance and product safety.

Pwer Generation

Transformers & Coil Winding

As with electric motors, transformers are all around us in our everyday lives. From the transmission and distribution of energy between power networks, to your mobile phone charger, transformers range vastly is shape, size and design, although ultimately perform the same function.

Whether liquid filled power and distribution transformers, dry type, cast resin or small control or toroidal transformers, P.A.R. have the insulation system to suit.

Power Generation
Pwer Generation

Electronics & PCBs

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are used to connect components to one another in a circuit. PCBs are used in nearly all electronic products, so form a critical part of any electronic system.

Surface mount transformers are often used in PCBs, but as well as the products contained within the transformer, P.A.R. also offer a number of other products used directly on the PCB. These include conformal coatings, potting/encapsulation resins, high temperature masking tapes tapes (Polyester, Polyimide/Kapton, Glass Cloth) and soldering alloys/fluxes.



The railway system is one of the most important mass transit systems in the world, and has been ever since the modern railway system began operating in the late 18th century. The United Kingdom has been instrumental in the development of locomotive technology, with first full-scale steam locomotive being built in 1804 by Richard Trevithick, followed by the electric locomotive in 1837 by Robert Davidson both in the UK.

Today, the modern electric railway relies on a number of different types of AC & DC traction motors, generators and transformers to operate the locomotives, air conditioning and signalling systems.

P.A.R. have insulation systems developed especially for the winding of traction motors and transformers, as well as low smoke, zero halogen cables for internal and external wiring.

Traction motors and transformers are usually located beneath the train, so it is important the insulation system is capable of operating in the harshest of environments, with excellent low and high thermal cycling. Key to the performance and longevity of the insulation system is the correct type impregnation resin/varnish. Our range of Dolph’s/Von Roll resins and varnishes include products approved to EN 45545-2 rail standard for fire behaviour in railway vehicles. This includes silicone, epoxy and polyester VPI resins, polyurethane coating varnishes and epoxy and polyurethane potting resins.

With a traction insulation system from P.A.R., customers can be sure their assets will operate safely for extended periods. As such, P.A.R. supply all major UK companies involved in the manufacture and repair of traction motors, transformers and signalling systems.

Pwer Generation
Pwer Generation


For many years, P.A.R. have been trusted by global OEM’s of electric motors & transformers for aviation applications. Aviation windings often require resistance to both very high & very low thermal cycles with excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and fuels.

With the move to net zero on the horizon for all industries, the aviation industry in particular is under pressure to reduce it’s carbon footprint and move away from fossil fuels. As such, electric flight is now very much on the agenda for global aircraft and engine manufacturers and P.A.R. are pleased to be involved with major development projects in this field.

The highest quality materials, rigorously tested supplied with full traceability is a prerequisite for all our products, as such P.A.R. are a natural choice for both traditional aviation windings and the latest electric flight windings.

Military and Defence

Electric motors, generators, transformers and wiring systems are essential for the safe and efficient function of military equipment such as planes, helicopters, drones, battleships, frigates, aircraft carriers, submarines, tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

P.A.R. supply manufacturers and repairers of equipment in the military and defence sectors both directly and indirectly with high quality products to the required standards including DEF & MIL approvals.

Pwer Generation
Pwer Generation


Electromagnets function by means of a magnetic field, which can be turned on and off. When an electric current passes through the coil, the magnetic field is created.

Copper wires are often used to wind magnet coils which then require insulating with a combination of either flexible or rigid insulation and/or woven glass/adhesive glass tape. Coils are then consolidated and protected with either an impregnation varnish or a potting resin. All these products are readily available from P.A.R, so we are well placed to supply electromagnet manufacturers with all their winding material requirements.

Pwer Generation

Induction Furnace

For manufacturers of induction furnace equipment, P.A.R. offer a range of high temperature insulation materials, Firesleeve hose and cable protection, varnishes and resins for the production and repair of induction furnace coils and associated equipment.


For manufacturers of lighting products, P.A.R. offer a range cable, sleeving and termination/marking solutions.

Cables are offered on standard reels, or can be tailored to customer requirements, including cut to length, stripping and pre-terminating.

Our range of insulation sleevings are offered for the mechanical and thermal protection of wires and cables in the form of glass braid, coated glass braid, expandable monofilament and heat-shrink products. Again, standard reels or cut to length options are avaiable.

Pwer Generation
Pwer Generation

Switchgear / Control panels

Switch gear and control panels are essential for efficient control, protection and isolation of electrical equipment and power systems..

P.A.R. have a number of products used widely in the manufacture of switch gear and control panels, including insulation boards produced from laminated paper, cotton and glass fabric (SRBP, SRBF, GPO3, G10, G11), copper bus bars, cables, cable termination and marking products and protective insulating sleevings.

Various types of transformers are also used in such control systems, so P.A.R. have a variety of solutions for your switch gear and control panel requirements. P

Cable Assemblies / Harnesses

OEM customers across a range of industries often require cables and protective insulating sleevings supplied cut to length to save time in production. Our automated in-house machines allow cables and sleevings to but cut to length and the cable ends stripped to customer requirements.

P.A.R. also supply a range of cables, sleevings termination and marking products to manufacturers of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

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